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"Steve is the Best Piano Tuner I have ever used. My piano sounds better now than when I bought it" - Ariel Powers of the Fabulons, Boca Raton

"I had Steve tune my Piano first before recommending him to my students and I am so glad I did" - Ronnie Kramer Piano Teacher, Boca Raton

"We had a Piano concert with musicians being flown in and hired Steve as the Piano Tuner, a wise choice" - Lisa Purvis, Catering Mngr Boca Raton Resort and Club

"I'll never let anyone else Tune my Piano again" - Joyce Kaye South Floridas Premier Entertainer, Parkland

"Steve is the only Piano Tuner for our new concert grand piano and it sounds phenomenal" - Mari, Highland Beach Library

"I tell all my Piano students to recommend Steve as the Piano Tuner to their friends" - Sharon Piano Teacher in Weston

The main stage piano sounds perfect I will also be sending over the rest of our season tuning dates soon. The new price is defiantly worth your great service! Mike Prudente, Technical Director, CenClub Recreation Management, Inc.(Century Village Theatre, Hillsboro Blvd)

Computerized Tuning Comes Out Perfect Everytime !

Piano tuning is both an art and a science, it takes experience, a good ear, and the right tools.

Being a pianist my entire life provided me with a keen sense of how a correctly tuned piano should sound.  Using computer technology to assist me, every tuning comes out perfectly.  While tuning, each note is carefully sampled using a laptop computer
and compared to my custom designed tuning profile to insure that your piano sounds its best.

Some pianos, due to age, neglect, rusty strings, loose pinblocks, or other conditions, can no longer be tuned to concert pitch (A 440hz).  However, since the computer can measure the current tuning of the piano, I can compensate for any degree of inharmonicity.  Even badly damaged pianos can at least be tuned to themselves.

It takes about 90 minutes to tune a regularly maintained piano (tuned yearly).
If it has been more than five years since your last tuning, you may need a pitch raise*.
Appointments are available weekday Afternoons.

Prices start at $150 for a standard tuning., please call if you have questions or to book an appointment Follow the link to my calendar.

*A Pitch raise tuning is $100 additional., I tune the piano twice. The first pass is a stretch tuning followed by a fine tuning.

I charge a travel fee if you are, north of Delray Beach. I don't go south of Hollywood or Weston

Tuning Appointment Calendar

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